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Welcome to the Stuntworks Calculator website. We hope you will enjoy yourselves, and find what you're looking for. Stuntworks is located in Bellflower, California, and currently has three members (a contribution does not imply membership, present, past, or future):

Stuntworks Members
Name Handle Job position(s)
Nathan Haines Stuntman President; QuickBASIC, Visual BASIC, and TI-BASIC programmer; Z80 ASM programmer; HTML writer; ANSI artist (the best); Go-Go Dancer
Alex Rivera Felixcat Artist, Turbo PASCAL programmer, Assassin, Ethics Advisor
Eric Hobbs, M.D. Fireman Head of Internet services, human and Xeno relations, Computer God
Stuntworks Contributors
Name Handle Contribution(s)
Mark Larson Valacar VGA Color Mixer's secret module, much other code, SWX logo
Serban Oprescu Samus Program loading routines, ANSI logo loading, and screen saver (QSM v1.1, not in 1.0) for QuickStart Menu
Andreas Ess Andi Icarus Productions: Usgard and XC-1701 II source and information
Matti Jokela Maza Lite Compressor algorithms and routines

Here is a list of calculator projects we are currently working on. Information will be added on each program as it is converted to HTML format.

The information page (with old versions of software) can be accessed by clicking on the title of the program, the newest version can be accessed by clicking on the program version number.

Dice Rollerv1.00AD&D-style dice roller[TI-85 port]
Number Gamev1.00Guess the number[TI-82 native]
Gradebookv1.006-class grade keeper[TI-85 port]
AD&D 2nd Edition Utilitiesv1.00Suite of character-building utilities[TI-85 native]
Dice Rollerv1.00AD&D-style dice roller[TI-85 native]
Number Gamev1.00Guess the number[TI-82 port]
GPA Calculatorv1.008-class GPA calculator[TI-85 native]
Gradebookv1.006-class grade keeper[TI-85 native]
Computer Utilities
deCALv1.00Fixes invalid TI-86 files made by CAL.[DOS native]
XCEditv1.60Edits XC-1701 II v1.00 external level files[DOS native]
Web Disclamer
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