XC-1701 II Level Editor

As Andreas Ess began development on XC-1701 II for Usgard, I received first status reports, then beta programs. As Andi continued development on it, he began to get bogged down by schoolwork, and I offered to write some levels for the game.

Andi gave me the include file for the first two levels (very sparsely commented) and told me I was smart enough to figure it out. :) After two days of drawing out enemy characters and analyzing patterns, I had deduced the level format and wrote my own level.

I had to send it to Andi, have him recompile it into the program, and have him send it back to me. Frustrated, I told him that if he wanted me to write more levels, he'd have to put in some form of external level support. He finally relented, and put in very primitive support.

As completion neared, he wanted to remove this support! I promised him that if he left external level support in, I would write a level editor for his game. Well, he left support in and I wrote this level editor for him. :)

Online Documentation
XC-1701 II Level Editorv1.60
Bug and Update Status
There is currently one (undocumented) bug wherein high scores large than 32,768 will appear as negative or crash the editor. This will be fixed in version 2.00
Version 2.00 with a fixed high score bug and compressed level support using routines written for Stuntworks by Matti Jokela is currently in development.
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