de-rezzes erroneous Calculator ABENDing Lossage

Frankly, I was tired of having people join the Assembly-86 mailing list at just to complain that they can't use the 86? files created by the linking program CAL!

Armed with all the new-found variable structure knowledge gleamed from writing and hacking for XCEdit, I told people the problem, but that didn't fix it. Finally, I hacked together this program (took me about 5 minutes of redoing XCEdit's source code).

I used some fancy terms for describing what I was doing (since everyone who couldn't use a hex editor to patch one byte thought it was so horribly complex anyway) and the program does indeed fix things. :) Hope you like it. The source code is going to be available for download, even though it's a lot of proprietary XCEdit stuff. That's okay because the XCEdit v2.00 will be released soon enough.

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There are no known bugs.
I was going to make this one huge structure-checking program with a UI, but I don't have the time nor the patience to do so. This is probably it. :)
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