Dice Roller
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AD&D Polyhedral Dice Roller v1.00
Nathan Haines <nhaines@ticalc.org>
Stuntworks - 4 May 1999

This program was written by me just over two years ago, and released on 15 January 1997 with the AD&D Utilities suite. Now it is rereleased with its documentation, excerpted from the AD&D Utilities docs. Enjoy!

The Dice Roller program is extremely useful for playing during school, or in other places where using dice isnít possible. When you choose F1, you have to put in the values of the dice you want to roll.

The value is similar to AD&D format. First you put in how many dice you want to roll. Then you enter what kind of dice you want to roll.

The display will show the result of the roll, as well as the values of the individual dice. Also, a modifier will be displayed. To change this modifier, press the - and + keys above ENTER. The dice total will be recalculated in real-time.

To reroll the dice, press the (-), or negation key. Any modifer that you have set will be applied to the new roll. ENTER returns to the main menu.

You can press F2 from the main menu to reroll the same dice you specified before. The same dice and modifier values will be used.

If you press F3 from the main menu, your last dice roll will be displayed for you. This way you can easily see your last roll in case you hit ENTER by mistake.

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