deCAL v1.00 Documentation

MS-DOS v7.10Stuntworks
deCALv1.00(build 81014)14 October 1998
Main Programmer
Nathan Haines

This program is the answer to programs such as CAL which pretend to write TI-86 files, but in reality write TI-85 files and other such things. This program will convert invalid TI-86 files produced by CAL and convert them to (surprise!) valid TI-86 files.

The syntax for this program is:

XCEDIT.EXE foobar.86x

You should give the file extension on the commandline. If you don't specify a file on the command line, a list of TI-86 files in the current directory will be displayed. You can choose from one of those.

I hope this solves any problems you may have with linking! :) If anyone needs checksum support, the code can easily be activated. Just email me and I'll do a version 1.1 or such.

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